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Ending Madness With Margin

Feb 16, 2022
Ending Madness With Margin

The alarm goes off and I am jolted out of bed as I start running through my endless to do list.  I’m gripped with the fear that I won’t be able to jump all the hurdles today.  My stomach churns as I start opening doors and rushing my kids out of bed.  The clock is ticking down toward our departure time and I’m racing through the house to keep everyone on track.  My heart is pounding as a take a moment to revive my dead hair with dry shampoo…again while texting. There is no room to connect, to be patient, or to breath. 

The doorbell rings, and a beautiful linen envelope is on the doormat with a gold seal.  Time seems to stop as soon as I pick up the invitation.  I am invited into a new way of planning time.  I am presented with an invitation to step into the margins. You are now presented with the same invitation.  Would you like to move from the world of madness to margin?  All of humanity is on the same ride each day as the earth completes its full rotation while whizzing around the sun.  Everyone has the same amount of time, yet there are countless decisions on how to spend time.  Adding margin into life unlocks peace, lowers stress, gives more room to love.  Would you like to accept the invitation?

Building margin means scheduling time and space around activity.  Parents are accustomed to giving up things for their children.  The sacrifices bring big rewards in the form of a loving parent child relationship.  The kids aren’t off the hook here though.  They may also need to streamline activities to allow for margin.  What could you let go of to get back time to connect and breathe?  This is your invitation to create margin. This is your invitation to breathe.

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