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Hi, I'm Deb Fusek

Founder of EverParent Coaching

Deb Fusek

We have more in common than you may think.

Like you, I have felt overwhelmed, alone, anxious, angry, and confused as a parent.

My story is meant to show you that no one is perfect, and we are all growing. You’re more than how you show up as a parent. You’re more than the sum of your worst moments.

 We’re in this together.

"Deb has given me the encouragement I’ve needed as a single mom. As I cheer on my squad of five, Deb is cheering me on and helping me strengthen my family. I am relearning, growing, and experiencing the healing my family deserves."

                     -BJ, Mom of Five

Here’s the Situation

I am a mom of three kids ages 26, 23, and 17 in St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m an Enneagram One, Reformer.  My kids often felt less than thankful for my “gifting”. (Would you have guessed I’m a first born?)  You should know that my biggest dream in life has been building a family. My husband and I have been married for 28 years. Our first two children are biological and our third born is adopted. After adopting, our family finally felt complete.  We were thrilled that our dream came true!


Everything Seemed to Fall Apart

After we spent a few years as a family of five, our son started having daily behavior issues at his preschool, the recession hit, and my brother died by suicide.  It all happened in the same year. I was beyond overwhelmed as a mom, wife, daughter, and sister. I spent hours researching possible reasons for our son’s behaviors. I was scared. Our pediatrician and local school system said all was “in normal range”.  I know in my heart, my son needed more. Months went by with no answers until our preschool director connected us with another mom who happened to be an occupational therapist.  At that time, I didn’t even know what an occupational therapist was. This connection opened the door to answers and treatment we needed for our son. I was still afraid and working harder as a mom than I ever had before, but at least I finally had some answers.

My son needed me the most when it felt like the earth was caving in under my feet.

One of the tough things about parenting a child with challenges is that it is not the only stressor in your life. You have many roles outside of being a parent.  The demands of parenting continue even though other stressors are pressing in. I had to find the support I needed to find a new normal that felt manageable again. I continually asked questions of the therapists working with our son. They helped all they could, but there are only a few minutes at the end of sessions. Occupational therapists, speech pathologists, teachers, and mental health professionals typically focus their energies on the child.  Fortunately, I began to meet other moms facing similar circumstances.  It helped.  After a few years, my son showed signs of tremendous improvement.  I went on to help families find resources in our community where we lived at the time. I wanted to do more and went on to get my bachelor's degree in human services which allowed me to support other adoptive families. Getting my master’s in leadership and parent coaching certification has changed me forever. I deepened my compassion for other families and my resolve to advocate for children and families.  Tears still well up in my eyes when I think about what my friend and OT, Amy, said to me. “This will be parenting on steroids. All that you can do now for early intervention will make a huge impact.” (She was right!) My son has grown to be an incredible and capable human being. I’m deeply grateful for who he is and thankful that early intervention changed the trajectory of his life.

I have been through the fear and overwhelm you are in now. It is very real. You wonder if life will ever feel normal again. You wonder if you are doing enough or even the right things. It is tough to try to picture what the future will hold.


Why Does Any of this Matter at All?

It matters because these experiences have formed who I am and why I serve families as a parent coach now. I was desperate for answers and support when my kids were young. As a certified parenting coach, I do not just read books about what it is like for you. I’ve been there. I am no better than you and I hold no judgment. I have walked this journey and I am here to help you navigate your own.

My Qualifications

Parents often ask about my qualifications to be a parent coach. I earned my parent coaching certification through Anu Family Services and The Center for the Challenging Child.  In 2021, I earned my master's in leadership from Southeastern University. I hold a bachelor's in human services from Evangel University.  In addition to parent coaching, I am an adoption coach with Maven Clinic. 

Coaching is an invitation to better understand your child, and to explore ways to move forward as a deeply connected family.

Think of it this way…each coaching session gives you the chance to explore solutions for your parenting challenges. I’ll share new perspectives and practical tips.  I’ll support you in implementing changes you want to make.

The biggest shared goal for our time together will be to build up and restore your family so you can live life together as a connected family.  You’ll learn ways to deepen connection with not only your challenging child, but with your whole family.  You’ll learn to create and maintain boundaries in a way that works for your child and family as a whole.

As I see it, parent coaching is highly relational. You need to be able to feel safe sharing your struggles so we can work toward goals you have for your child, yourself, and your family unit. If you are looking to make significant changes in your family life, lets chat. I’m ready to listen and offer support and ideas. You can be yourself and be real. This is a no judgement zone.


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