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"My son needed me the most when it felt like the earth was caving in under my feet."

One of the tough things about parenting a child with sensory processing challenges is that it is not the only stressor in your life. You have many roles outside of being a parent.  The demands of parenting continue even though other stressors are pressing in. I had to find the support I needed to find a new normal that felt manageable again. I continually asked questions of the therapists working with our son. They helped all they could, but there are only a few minutes at the end of sessions. Occupational therapists, speech pathologists, teachers, and mental health professionals typically focus their energies on the child.  Fortunately, I began to meet other moms facing similar circumstances.  It helped.  After a few years, my son showed signs of tremendous improvement. Those years were tough, and I would have given anything to have had someone coach me through it step by step. 

About Deb Fusek
90 Days to Calm & Confident Sensory Savvy Parenting

Ready to stop the overwhelm?

This transformative coaching experience is not about adding to your to-do list or judging you. You'll find that you'll see your child and parenting with new eyes. This is more than simply giving you's about becoming the parent you want to be and enjoying your child. Are you ready to embrace life as a family again?

 Parenting Breakthrough System


You want your home to feel safe and secure. Building self compassion and empathy nurtures relationships. Learn your attachment style, listening skills, and how to parent as a team with your partner.


Learn to use valuable tools that will help you regulate or calm your child, create & maintain healthy boundaries, help your child learn new skills, and build character. Learn to shape your child's behavior.


Your family is intertwined and all members of the family need support.  It is not sustainable to parent on an empty tank. Building support around each family member makes the family stronger as a whole.

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I can help you embrace life as a family and to navigate your new normal.

  • Learn the basics of brain science behind effective parenting….you’ll be amazed!
  • Gain the confidence you need to respond to your child’s outbursts and intense behaviors. 
  • Learn how to connect more deeply with your child and how to manage your triggers.
  • You’ll learn parenting strategies you can use this week.
  • Learn how to be a leader with clear boundaries and warmth.
  • Become the parent you want to be creating a cooperative, fun loving, and resilient family.


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How Parent Coaching Can Help You

You keep hoping things will get better.

You know your child better than anyone and love your child deeply. Your influence is powerful. Learn positive parenting methods that build connections.

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You keep hoping things will get better

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What other parents are saying...

I honestly didn’t know much about parent coaching before my husband and I began working with Deb. I just knew we were struggling to get on the same page with how we parented our kids. Three of our five children are adopted and our kids are currently ages 9,8,6,6&5 and most have special needs. Deb has helped us see where we agree, where our values lie and how to work as a team as we fight for the best for our children together. She’s so easy to work with and constantly reassuring us that we are doing great, but to take that next best step. My favorite has been the Do-Over Formula- using this has been like a tool that had always been missing in our tool belt that we now finally have. Parent coaching with Deb Fusek has been one of the best things we have done for our parenting! 

- Erin V.

- Erica L.

As a mom of 3 young kids I am so thankful I chose Everparent coaching. Deb spent quality time discussing each of my children’s needs and goals while giving me practical tools to apply. I quickly implemented the advice she gave and recognized improved behaviors and relationships with my children. 

As a mother of five, I haven’t arrived in my parenting. EverParent Coaching has given me a fresh perspective, encouragement, and education to help me move closer to achieving my parenting goals. Deb has given me the encouragement I’ve needed as a single mom. As I cheer on my squad of five, EverParent Coaching is cheering me on and helping me strengthen my family. I am relearning, growing, and experiencing the healing my family deserves.

- BJ